W.185: When Tobacco Meets Vanilla – ESNC’s Ode to Tom Ford’s Masterpiece

Strolling into a good perfume shop, amidst an ocean of delicate bottles and misty fragrances, you might stumble upon a scent that stops you in your tracks. ESNC Perfumery’s W.185 does precisely that. Drawing inspiration from Tom Ford’s iconic Tabac Vanille, this fragrance is a symphony of contrasts, an enchanting blend that defies expectations and captivates from the first whiff.

Tom Ford’s Tabac Vanille is legendary in the fragrance world. Envision tobacco leaves, dried and slightly sweet, meeting the creaminess of vanilla. It’s a journey from a smoky Cuban cigar lounge to a patisserie in Paris within moments. Dark, sultry, yet sweet and comforting. An olfactory masterpiece that blurs the line between the traditionally masculine and feminine.

Now, imagine capturing that essence, adding a touch of playful whimsy, and bottling it. That’s W.185 for you. The tobacco note in this is robust, reminiscent of sun-cured fields and the faint whiff of leather. The vanilla, instead of being just creamy, offers nuances of orchid, a hint of caramel sweetness, and even the tiniest smidge of cherry on top.

But W.185 isn’t just about replicating Tabac Vanille. It’s an interpretation, an artist’s rendition of a classic painting. Alongside the dominant tobacco and vanilla, there’s a sprinkle of spices – a pinch of cinnamon, a dash of nutmeg, and a faint glow of amber. These notes give W.185 its unique character, making it stand out, yet pay homage to its muse.

In today’s world, where fragrances often lean towards being unisex, W.185 truly epitomizes this trend. It’s for the bold businessman, the elegant lady, the free-spirited artist, and the dreamy poet. It transcends age, gender, and occasion, making it a versatile addition to any fragrance collection.

So, the next time you’re at a perfume shop, be on the lookout for ESNC Perfumery’s W.185. Whether you’re a die-hard fan of Tom Ford’s Tabac Vanille or just someone who appreciates a good scent story, W.185 promises a delightful olfactory journey.