How to Use Geofencing for Dental and Orthodontic Marketing

You’re taking a leisurely walk down the street, planning your activities for the weekend, when your phone suddenly goes off. You may “Unlock Your Dream Smile with Just a Swipe!” it yells. You take a quick glance around and see that you’re standing in front of an orthodontist’s office. The orthodontic dental geofencing marketing Where strategic magic meets cutting-edge dental care welcome to the exciting world of orthodontic dental geofencing marketing.

While “geofencing marketing” may seem like something out of a dental dictionary from the future, the concept is really rather straightforward. It’s all about making in-person and online connections with prospective patients utilizing location-based services. Imagine a spell that collects smartphone signals in the form of virtual barriers set up around certain regions. Upon entering this virtual world, visitors are met with irresistible deals, amusing messaging, and the opportunity to have their frowns instantly replaced by grins.

Intriguing? Absolutely. Creepy? Actually, no. Like a kind dentist, geofencing won’t hurt your privacy. As a result, you could have an epiphany and decide, “Hey, maybe it’s time to finally fix that crooked tooth.”

Like mastering the art of flossing, the process of crafting such messages combines elements of both art and science. The goal is to create a humorous potion that stimulates a desire to improve one’s smile. It’s an open invitation to see what may be done about your crooked grin if you swipe right.

So, the next time your phone buzzes when you’re in the vicinity of your neighborhood orthodontist, you’ll know it’s no fluke. It’s technology’s way of subtly nudging you in the direction of a more radiant grin.

The phone buzzes and the message reads, “Ready to Say Goodbye to Crooked Grins?” You take a quick look around, and there it is—an orthodontic office. The orthodontic dental geofencing marketing strategy is doing its magic here. It’s as if your phone has a sixth instinct, since as you get close to an opportunity to improve your grin, it alerts you. Geofencing injects levity into the serious field of orthodontics by targeting nearby pedestrians with clever messaging and enticing incentives. The process of getting braces is more like a digital dance that ends with a beautiful grin.

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