The Importance Of Good Plumbing And Pipes

Pipes and plumbing are one of the important factors in maintaining hygiene in our homes. Why? This is because the cleanliness and smooth running of pipes and drains affect the quality of the clean water we use for cooking, bathing, and cleaning the house – including mopping and washing clothes. Smooth, clean, and well-maintained pipes and waterways can be maintained through regular maintenance. Here are some easy tips for checking pipes and drains at home for newbies so there is no need to call the Best Plumber San Diego if it’s not needed.

Basic knowledge of plumbing and plumbing maintenance at home;

– Do not throw objects or liquids into the toilet bowl, sink and drain holes. In addition to the tub and defecation, do not throw any objects or liquids into the toilet bowl, sink, and drain holes. If you’re still using toilet paper at home, avoid throwing too much tissue down the toilet bowl so it doesn’t have the potential to clog the drain. In addition, items that should not be thrown into toilets and drains include: sanitary napkins, plastic wrap, cotton buds, and earplugs – throw these items in the trash instead of flushing them down the toilet.

– In the kitchen, place a strainer in the sink or dishwasher to prevent traces of food such as grains of rice or noodles from entering the drain. Before washing dishes, glasses, and food containers, make sure to throw leftovers in the trash. Hot oil used to fry food, coffee and tea grounds, fruit peels and vegetable residue are some of the biggest causes of clogged drains in the kitchen.

– Save water. Besides being environmentally friendly, using less water also reduces your monthly water bill. Take easy-to-implement water-saving steps, for example washing clothes a week at a time, showering instead of soaking in the tub, and lowering the flow of water in faucets and toilets.

– Diligently do pipe cleaning. Prevention is always better than cure. Before the pipe gets stuck, be diligent in doing regular cleaning. So that the pipe does not rust easily, use a fairly gentle pipe cleaner regularly and a hard one only occasionally. If the house has a septic tank, it should be pumped every three to five years.

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